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There’s a lot of work to be done to get Illinois back on track, and I’m determined to make the tough choices and make our voices heard. I hope you’ll take a moment to complete this short survey so I can tell Springfield politicians exactly what the people of our district expect. I’m fighting every day to build a stronger Illinois by protecting our health care, demanding fairer taxes for the middle class, equal pay for women and criminal justice reforms.

There’s a lot more to be done, and I’ll keep making our voices heard. Whenever you have thoughts
you’d like to share, please contact me at 815-372-0085. 

Below is a survey you can fill out regarding your most important priorities and thoughts on Illinois state government. None of the questions are required, but if you are interested in voicing your thoughts and opinions to me, please fill it out.


Dagmara Avelar
State Representative, 85th District

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